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Why Remove a tree?

Common Reasons For Tree Removal

At Michigan's Choice Tree, our first assessment is to see if trimming the tree will solve the problem, however, sometimes, removing the tree is the only possible solution. We are here to get it done right.

Disease or rot can weaken a tree's roots to the point where removal is necessary to prevent failure.

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We prefer to trim trees to promote a pleasant line of sight, however, there are times when removal is the only viable option.


To prevent a potential threat, it is important to maintain proper clearance between trees and any structure on your property.

Root Damage

Roots can expand into unsafe areas like sewer or water lines causing extensive damage to your property.

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Our Process For Safe Tree Removal

Our tree removal process includes bringing the tree to the ground, disposing of limbs, cutting up logs, and removing any additional debris from the job site.

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Dave is super-knowledgeable and enthusiastic about woodland conservation and care. He provided a fair and thoughtful assessment of the trees that needed to be removed near our well as those that didn't.

All of my questions were thoughtfully answered and concerns addressed.
Amanda K.
Rockford, Michigan
"Dave was prompt with a quote to remove large oak trees from my yard. He and his crew worked long, hard hours to complete the job, which included yard cleanup.

They were easy to work with, and I would recommend them to all. Good guys who care about customers with fair pricing. I would definitely have them back!"
Dave E.
Ada, Michigan
"Dave gave a prompt quote and was ready to deliver. His crew is knowledgeable and offer great service, advice, and they are professional. I highly recommend them!"
Thomas C.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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