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Safety Is Top Priority
Storms can present a variety of challenges. However, one thing remains the same, the safety of your property must be a top priority.
No Money Upfront
Our team works directly with your insurance so that your claim gets covered.
Fully Insured
Rest easy knowing that our team is fully insured and licensed. We are committed to protecting your property.
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Give us a call at 616-638-5879 and we will get to work preparing a crew for dispatch to your location.
Frequently asked questions

Working With Insurance Providers

[01] - Does Home Owners Insurance Cover Tree Removal in Grand Rapids?

If a tree falls on your roof and creates a hole, insurance companies want you to act quickly.

Why? If you wait, there is a high chance additional damage will occur from water entering the home. We remove the tree and safely install a tarp over the holes.

[02] - Do I Need to Wait For An Adjuster?

In most cases no. Typically when a tree falls on a house you’re not the only one. Weather conditions have caused tree damage all throughout your area.

Insurance companies want the damage cleaned up ASAP to prevent further claims from being made.

[03] - Do I Have to Get Three Estimates?

In almost all cases no. Especially if you are in a hazardous situation. Your insurance company does not want the liability of incurring additional damages to your home.

[04] - Will My Insurance Company Cover The Cost?

As a general rule, typically insurance policies cover "modified structures", such as your house, garage, storage shed, fence, etc. These structures are typically covered under homeowners' insurance.

[05] - Services Your Insurance Company Will Typically Cover

1. Removal of a fallen tree off of a structure
2. Hauling of the tree’s debris off-site. 

[06] - What is My First Step to Take?

Give us a call at 616-638-5879 to notify us that you will be in need of help.
take caution

Storm Damage?

If a tree has fallen on your property, do not touch it. Fallen trees can be dangerous because they are not stable and can cause further damage

Get in Touch With Our Team
Dave is super-knowledgeable and enthusiastic about woodland conservation and care. He provided a fair and thoughtful assessment of the trees that needed to be removed near our house...as well as those that didn't.

All of my questions were thoughtfully answered and concerns addressed.
Amanda K.
Rockford, Michigan
"Dave was prompt with a quote to remove large oak trees from my yard. He and his crew worked long, hard hours to complete the job, which included yard cleanup.

They were easy to work with, and I would recommend them to all. Good guys who care about customers with fair pricing. I would definitely have them back!"
Dave E.
Ada, Michigan
"Dave gave a prompt quote and was ready to deliver. His crew is knowledgeable and offer great service, advice, and they are professional. I highly recommend them!"
Thomas C.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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We offer our customers a wide variety of tree service solutions
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Once we look at the trees, we utilize the double matrix system developed by the ISA.

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